Coaching sessions can be done with individuals or groups.

Generally larger groups deal with problems of strategy and planning;  smaller ones have more room for issues of internal interaction, though the degree of subjectiveness depends on the goal of the session(s) and responsible evaluation of the degree of openness and comfort with personal disclosure in the group.

The basic Solving Strategy shown below is always involved in some form, though most of the work has been done by the client or coachee before her or she books a session;  that is, most people know where they want to go, but can be deterred or confused about the hindrances they see or perceive.

Despite it's many components, the solving strategy is not to be learned, as much as awakened in us; hindrances are to be demystified, choices to be explored. 

The coach and client(s) can quickly evaluate what needs to be kept, enhanced, fixed and utilized, and what might have to be torn-down and reinvented to empower existing resources.

Often a few sessions are enough to make major changes.

The ultimate goal is developing the skill of self-coaching, thus creating greater challenges to the coach when called upon, and enriching the general standard of creativity, efficiency and value.

Personal and Organizational