Studying in Malaysia

One of my American colleagues, after receiving his B.A. in Business Administration in Texas, chose to take his M.B,A. in Penang, Malaysia, feeling that with the degree and rate of development in Asia, he would be well-positioned to learn get a modern business education, while witnesses the changes and development in the Asia first hand, in an international English-speaking environment.

The diversity of experience and culture, along with Malaysia’s international orientation brings experts and students from all over the world, eager to learn, work and network with each other.

Mobility among Asian countries is relatively easy and inexpensive, student visas can be arranged (one of our services), the living standard is relatively high, yet inexpensive, and, if and when one returns to her homeland, the degree or training earned here is generally well-respected and recognized.

Besides higher academic trainings, some chose to come to Malaysia to attend language schools, and, of course, study programs in Asian languages, history, culture and performance arts.

The Asian venue with an international outlook offers the best of many worlds for study, inspiration and valuable friendships.