Networking & Team-building

    I began counseling clients in 1963, most of whom had problems that severely prevented achievement of their goals, or even basic contentment.   Since that time I've experienced a broad spectrum of problems and challenges in my practice, from mental illness giving pain, to top-performers wanting to sharpen their skills and create more value in their art, science, sport, organization, or business.

Since 1988 I've worked with both 'problem' and 'challenge' presenters, which  inspired my interest in the creativity and resilience of the human spirit.  From that came a close relationship with the business community, in the USA, Scandinavia, and, since the end of 2009, Malaysia.

The Networking and Representation division of our organization offers diverse services, striving to create successful connections between people and their organizations and Malaysia, with the cooperation, collaboration and integration of local talent.

Our affiliated providers are all English-speaking multi-lingual specialists in their field.